Turn Complex Subjects into Simple Sentences and Figures

As an experienced writer, I can turn complex subjects into simple sentences and figures. I can turn technical subjects into documents that high-school students may understand.

You may be wondering how I can write this clearly. The answer is revealed in my writing blog! (See below.)

In my experience, technical experts often struggle to share their knowledge with others. Too often, we know what we’re talking about — but we don’t know how to show it to someone else.

Together, we will strive for painless communication between you and your audience!


My Writing Blog

My writing blog (“Painless Communication”) offers demonstrations of clear writing in action. You will find sets of exercises to practice your writing skills.

Most importantly, I will show you how to avoid long, complicated sentences. To begin our journey, start here!

In the end, I seek to make the art of communication as painless as possible!


Before You Hire an Editor …

The cheapest editing service is not the one with the lowest cost per hour. The cheapest service is one where the editor understands what you’re talking about.

Before you hire an editor, I recommend learning how to write fairly clearly yourself. Otherwise, you could end up with a big bill and unexpected delays.